What To Look For In A Bank Levy Process Server

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When you need to deliver legal papers or file court documents and have them served on someone, the most important thing is having it done swiftly, effectively, and in an expert manner. There are hundreds of process service companies in the California alone, and while many of them do the work efficiently, it takes some […]

Small Claims Court Guide

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What You Need To Know About Los Angeles Small Claims Court Small Claims Court is thought to be easy and cheap, and it is when compared to going through civil court. Nevertheless, small claims court is not as easy and inexpensive as it should be. A major benefit of small claims court is that you […]

Why Your Bank Levy Might Fail

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Why Bank Levies Fail Imagine knowing where your judgment debtor’s bank is, paying a county Sheriff to serve the bank levy and getting a notification from the bank that there are no funds in the account or worse, it has closed.  By the time you’ve located  the bank account, paid the court, the Sheriff and/or […]

How To Conduct A Proper Bank Levy Asset Search

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Successful Bank Levies Begin With A Proper Asset Search Conducting a proper asset search on a potential judgment debtor is the first step for companies and individuals to secure owed repayments. An extensive asset search costs less than $300 and details an individual’s existing assets, such as real estate and other personal possessions.  It will […]